Our Team
Gerard holds an MSc in Business Analytics from UCL, and has spent the last 4 years delivering data science products and providing data strategy advice to companies ranging from early stage startups to FTSE 100 companies.
Dan has an MSc in Applied Mathematics, with a focus on statistics and programming. His previous roles include data scientist at a medical device company, writing algorithms to translate sensor data into clinical results.
Natalia holds a BSc in Computer Science. She worked as a data scientist/engineer at a boutique consulting firm specialising in machine learning and data engineering.
Tara holds an MSc in Geotechnical Engineering from Imperial College London during which she developed her skills in data analysis. She is currently undertaking a PhD in Environmental and Civil Engineering, and joined nPlan as a data scientist, combining her engineering and data background.
Vahan has a PhD in Computing from Imperial College London and an MSc in Applied Mathematics from ETH Zurich.
He is also a visiting lecturer at Imperial Business School.
Peter has a MSc and Degree of Engineer in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, where his research focussed on developing novel machine learning methods for intelligent robotic systems.
Nayef is currently undertaking a PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Warwick working on rare event prediction in natural phenomena. He holds an MSc in Applied Mathematics and an MEng in Mechanical Engineering also from the University of Warwick.
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