Research at nPlan

Our research interests cover a wide range of topics in ML inspired by our dataset and business needs. Our most popular dataset is composed of over 600`000 construction project schedules. These are DAGs, where each node represents an activity and edges are constraints between activities. Each node has numerical and textual features, while edges have types, weights and directions. In addition, our graphs have a temporal component representing how each project changed over time.Since nPlan’s products are based on forecasting on project plans, our research efforts have always been focused on probabilistic modelling and uncertainty estimation.

In the past we have also built in-house language models, however, with the rise of large pre-trained models we have shifted our focus on graph neural networks on temporal DAGs.Another area of active research in nERD is studying how humans interact with, trust and take action using forecasts given by AI. This includes explainable forecasting and recommendations.


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